Public Private Partnerships

The Ripple Effect of HighGround Communities: Sparking Regional Investment

May 20, 2024

Public Private Partnerships

The Ripple Effect of HighGround Communities: Sparking Regional Growth and Investment

At HighGround, we pride ourselves on more than just building luxury 55+ living communities; our projects often ignite transformation in the regions in which we develop. Often the first major development project in an area, our communities set a new standard, attracting additional investments and catalyzing local growth. Our projects serve as a beacon, drawing new businesses, amenities, and services that enhance the quality of life for all residents.

The HighGround Impact

Consider The Levinson community in Noblesville, Indiana. Before the project, the area had not seen any new housing in the downtown district in more than 100 years, a lack of parking continued to plague downtown businesses and events, and several parcels were under utilized in the area leading to a sizable opportunity costs regarding commercial taxes.

The Levinson was built on a couple parcels that included a city-owned surface parking lot and a small building, and brought 100+ modern apartment homes, a public parking garage, and commercial retail space to the historical downtown.

Today, The Levinson boasts not only top-tier residential facilities that are consistently waitlisted, but also a city-owned parking garage that provides ample parking for downtown events and shopping–helping to support the thriving local economy. More broadly, the City of Noblesville has welcomed new restaurants, retail shops, and additional investment in modern housing have emerged. This public private partnership supported the vibrancy and stability of the downtown district and helped local public officials leverage the success of our development into additional opportunities.

Why Partner with HighGround?

  • Proven Track Record: Our history of sparking local investment speaks for itself. Each new community becomes a magnet for further development, benefiting residents and businesses alike.
  • Comprehensive Development Approach: We don’t just build communities; we create ecosystems with solution-driven results that promote economic opportunity and enhance quality of place.
  • Shared Success: Our focus on high-quality partnerships with aligned values ensures that the benefits of our projects are long-lasting and shared by municipal partners, investors, and stakeholders.

Partner with us.

The Levinson is just one success story in our portfolio. Local governments, investors, and community leaders partner with HighGround to not only enhance housing options, but to also stimulate broader economic development and community revitalization.

to learn how we can collaborate to bring transformative growth to your region.